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Help Sam Find a Kidney

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Kidney Donation Needed | Help Find a Kidney Donor

update:  2/20/15:  Now switched to Methodist Hospital - to be considered for LIVE DONATION, call 713-441-5451.  

Thank you!


UPDATE:  1/9/2015:  St Luke's Episcopal Hospital - Denton Cooley Transplant Center SUCKS.  THIS PLACE IS THE WORST.  (Now they call it CHI St Luke's, but it still SUCKS!)

Have you noticed that you can't write Google Reviews about hospitals?  So . . . let me tell you what they've put me through for the last 3 years.  I've been on the kidney transplant list for 3 years.  I've now had over 50 live donors apply and get denied.  In December 2014, I had decided to move to another transplant hospital at the urging of many friends who've received transplants.  But, alas, one more donor stepped up and applied at St. Luke's.  This person went through all the tests, matched, cross-matched, and was submitted to "the committee."  I even had a call from the nephrologist on Monday before the Thursday committee meeting stating that the operating rooms had been reserved for the 3rd week in February.  Thursday came, and of course, the committee "didn't like the donor's veins" and turned down the transplant.  This is the same thing they've told several donors!  

Over 50 denials.  WTF?  I have had all my records sent to a different hospital and I have an intake appointment there next month.  

Let me tell you about the call my Buyer Agent, Kassandra, received last year:  a lady called claiming to work at the St Luke's transplant center saying, "change hospitals immediately.  The surgeon here is killing people.  Don't talk to your nephrologist about this because she'll back them up."  So, I thought this was a hoax.  Within 2 weeks of me reporting this, the head surgeon at St. Luke's "went on medical leave" and has been replaced.......but by whom???  Although this was an anonymous call, it seems to have been true.  



Dear Friends -

Yes, I was diagnosed with FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulo-Sclerosis) when I was about 30 years old.  I was told that by age 40-45, I'd need dialysis or a transplant.  Well, I've beaten those odds by far (as I'm now 56) and NOT on dialysis!  In fact, I still work 6 days a week and continue to sell hundreds of houses each year (thanks to the medicines I've taken for 20 years, and the fabulous team I'm blessed to work with)!

While I'm now at Stage 5 or End Stage Renal Failure, I am still not on dialysis and need a kidney transplant to avoid dialysis and keep on keepin' on!  These days, a kidney transplant means about 3-4 weeks off work, then back stronger than ever!  And live kidney donations are made laparoscopically, minimizing time off for the donor. 

Many of my family and friends have applied to donate, but St. Luke's is very careful to ensure that whoever donates one kidney can survive the rest of their life with only 1 kidney.  Thus, for one reason or another, each has been denied.  They have suggested that I begin to "tell my story," to see if there is anyone out there who would consider donating a kidney.  It's an act of human kindness and an outward expression of genuine care.  Won't you please read this information?

Thank you for your consideration, your time, and your support.  Meanwhile, I'll keep on selling houses!  -Sam Ferreri

(PS:  I am blessed in that kidney failure is treatable -- either with dialysis or a transplant.  Transplantation provides a far superior lifestyle -- almost normal -- as compared to dialysis which takes a huge amount of time and energy.  I am nowhere near death and I continue to function normally, day-by-day.  Additionally, Houston hospitals -- including the Cooley Transplant Center at St. Luke's -- do not have active marketing for finding kidney donors!  This was thought to be "unethical" until very recently -- and why???  Who knows?)


This is an Open Letter from St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital

If you'd consider donating a kidney, or know someone who would, please call METHODIST HOSPITAL LIVE DONOR COORDINATOR AT 713-441-5451.


Kidney Letter

Long Term Consequences of Kidney Donation?  None -- Read the New England Journal of Medicine Study


Also, I received this email from a client on 10/18/12:

A customer on your RE/MAX of Texas web site has sent you a message.

(Printed with permission)

Sam, My sister had a kidney transplant last year and is doing well, hers was as a result of PKD. Her donor has seen no ill effects as a result of the donation and she has said she would do it all over again. [emphasis added]  My family and I wish you well and the best of luck in your search for a kidney. I already know neither of us are suitable for a donor but good luck and God bless. John Cathey


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