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Which areas were "hot?"  Which areas were "not so hot!"  What's the market doing to your home's value?

The answers to these and other exciting real estate questions -- for the Greater Houston Area (including the Pearland Real Estate market) -- are within my December 2015 Housing Trends E-Newsletter.  You can search for homes, look at National, Local, and Neighborhood market trends.

Is it time to buy or sell in 2016?  You just may find the information you need to make an informed decision.  And if not, then simply email me any question that you may have about real estate.  I'll respond ASAP!   

Now . . . Meet "The Sam Truck!"  When you buy or sell with The Sam Team, you can use our Moving Truck for FREE!  We added this value to your experience so

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HAPPY NEW YEAR . . . we scream it every year (encouraged by a little bit of champagne)!  And every year, we make "resolutions" of how we'll make this year the "best year ever!"  Already, the gym is starting to fill up at 3:00am (when I go in the mornings) with fresh faces who've "resolved" that "this will be the year I _____________!  (Fill in the blank with "get in shape," "lose weight," "get healthy," etc.)  But by February or March, the gym goes back to the way it was . . . and those well-intended resolutions seem to disappear with the first chicken-fried steak.  Oh well, there's always next year!

But how about making some lasting financial resolutions?  Like buying a Pearland or Houston Home?  Or how about selling your home?

Pearland Real Estate New Year

Moving up?

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One of the big banks has a voluntary program available that transfers $100 each month from your checking account to your savings account. In five years, the account owner would have over $5,000 because of a type of forced savings. iStock_000059416596-250.jpgSimilarly, when a person buys a home with a standard amortizing loan, each month, a part of the payment is used to reduce the principal loan amount.

Amazingly, over $4,000 would be applied toward the principal in the first year of a $250,000 mortgage at 4% for 30 years. In five years, the loan amount would be reduced by almost $25,000 through normal payments.

The other dynamic that is in play is that while the unpaid balance is being reduced, appreciation causes the value to increase. The difference between the two makes

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