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Things You Shouldn't Do if you're trying to sell in Pearland, tx

So, it's time to fulfill your plan to sell your house.  And you've read all the books and blogs about the most important things to do to maximize your return when selling your house.  But what about the things you shouldn't do when trying to sell?  Perhaps we should consider those as well so that you don't make many blunders that so many would-be sellers end up making.

Don't Smoke Inside The House

what not to do when selling your homeThat seems simple enough, right? I mean, smoking inside went "out-of-style" many years ago, didn't it? Ha! You'd be surprised how many people still smoke inside their houses, their cars, and only go to restaurants and bars where they are allowed to smoke inside! Having grown up with a chain-smoking mother, I remember when a carton of cigarettes made a

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Oil Prices and Real Estate in Pearland

No doubt the price of oil is down . . . and will remain down for some time. I mean, the other day I filled up my car for $12 (with my 50 cent per gallon discount at Kroger). While part of me says, "wow, that's sure cheap!" The other part says, "hmmm . . . would I be better off if that was back to the usual $36 for a fillup?"

Local Real Estate Markets Feeling The Effects Of Oil Prices

On one recent listing appointment . . . where this cute young couple is putting their home up for sale, they explained that although they both have jobs, because of the oil industry layoffs, they are both now "underemployed" from where they were a year ago. So they needed to "scale down" a bit economically. This is a classic example of what Dr. Ted Jones, chief

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After 41 years as a Houston-Pearland Realtor, and nearly 9,000 homes sold, I've learned a few tips to help you get Top Dollar when you sell. Of course, everyone's goals when they sell are different.  Some want to sell quick and "getting top dollar" is less important to them than a fast sale.  Others want to get top dollar no matter how long it takes.  Of course, it seems that most people want to sell fast AND get Top Dollar!  And that's the reason you hire a seasoned veteran of the industry when you sell.

The Top 5 Tips To Maximizing Your Home's Value When You Sell

And now, I've written a report entitled "5 Tips to Maximizing Your Home's Value When You Sell," and you can get a FREE COPY.  Would you like to have one?  All you have to do is click here

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Wow, what a year 2015 was!  The housing market started off strong -- with multiple offers on many (if not most) homes that went on the market!  Prices rose . . . but then October came.  The market slowed down through the holidays, but many homes continued to sell at a terrific pace, but the multiple-offer concept was reserved for the more "demand-area" homes.  Still, it was a great year for home sellers.

For home buyers, however, the selections were more limited because fewer homes actually went on the market for sale (hence, the multiple offer scenarios that played out on many homes).  Many sellers found that although they wanted to move up or downsize, the selections were very limited for what they wanted to move into.  So, they chose to stay in

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