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Looking for homes in Sedona Lakes?  This gorgeous community in Manvel, Texas has a terrific location and proximity to downtown, the medical center, and even Freeport/Lake Jackson.  Many of our customers in this area have one partner who works in Houston and the other down near the coast.  This is a perfect "mid-way-point" along the Highway 288 corridor.

Check out this updated semi-custom fine home with many amenities.  Then contact The Sam Team at 832-200-5656 or email for a private showing.  We want to be Your Realtors of Choice!  


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What Is A Seller's Market

It is generally considered a seller’s market when the conditions favor the seller. This condition exists when demand is high and supply is low without any significant adverse economic conditions taking place.

Demand is determined by ready, willing, and able buyers. Low interest rates with indications that they will begin to rise fuels part of this demand. Rising prices also creates a sense of urgency to avoid higher housing costs.

Is It A Seller's Market In Pearland Right Now?

Inventory is currently below what is considered balanced in most areas. In some neighborhoods and price ranges, homes are selling very quickly, with multiple offers and sometimes at above the listing price. When too many buyers are chasing too few properties, things get

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Texas has an amazing program for veterans who reside in Texas. It's called the Texas Veterans Land Board, and they offer some outstanding programs for Texas Vets which include:

  • *Loans to purchase land with only 5% down
  • *Loans to purchase homes at reduced interest rates with NO Down Payment!
  • *Home improvement loans and MORE!

DO YOU KNOW A TEXAS VETERAN? I have personally worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs (formerly the Veterans Administration) since 1975 . . . and I'm a specialist in VA Loans.

PLEASE SEND THOSE TEXAS VETS TO ME -- It is my duty to help them utilize the GI Bill.

And if you know anyone who's buying or selling, I can help them, too!

VA Loans

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Lower Your Pearland Property Tax Assessment

“Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible...” While Judge Learned Hand was talking about federal income taxes, it can be applied to property taxes as well.

States have a process of assessing the value of a property based on a number of things that can include size, amenities, location and what the owner paid for the property. Most states make adjustments to that value annually. Once it has been published to the owner, there is a process available for those who disagree with the value.

How To Argue Your Pearland Property Tax Assessment

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Process

Learn the assessment process and what the filing deadlines are to apply. Since different states have different requirements, it is

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