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how the election will affect real estate in houstonThis is one crazy election year! Clearly it is going to be a race-to-the-finish between two highly-disliked candidates. I've been studying elections and their effect on housing since Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, the year I graduated high school and my first time to vote. (Remember, I got my real estate license in 1975 when I was 17 years old and was an active real estate agent from then through now!)

But I can't recall such discord in the country -- even inside each party! Why is everyone so angry and dissatisfied? Is it low incomes that don't seem to be rising? Is it the cost of living which is definitely rising? Is it the loss of the middle class coupled with the growth of the wealthy and the poor? Is it immigration? Is it terrorism -- internal

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Reviews, complaints, and mistakes happen, but how do you handle them?

The world is changing, and I get it. Every business is rated and reviewed online with so many stars to the good or bad. People rant about bad experiences, and write fluffy reviews when things go their way. Business owners and employees/contractors make mistakes all the time -- don't you? Nothing new about that, except that it's all available online. handling reviews

I admit I'm now "old school," a new term for an old man. It's not my age, but my traditional philosophies that are in question. I've been watching the evolution of Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp, and the like. And yes, I read those when I search in the "online yellow pages" for a business, but I usually laugh at the rants and

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Did you know that RE/MAX is one of the Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Networks in the World?  And now, through that affiliation, RE/MAX Top Realty has launched its own Commercial Division, having met the strict education and experience requirements of the RE/MAX organization.  It makes The Top Office, as we call it, one of only four RE/MAX affiliates in Houston to have an official Commercial Division.  

Many of our agents hold the Prestigious ACP - Accredited Commercial Practitioner Designation.

Sam Ferreri, ACP, also holds a State "General" Real Estate Appraisal Certification -- the highest level of appraisal certification available, and is the industry's recognized certification for performing Commercial appraisals.


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New homes in Pearland, TXAs the inventory in the Greater Houston - Pearland Real Estate market bounces up and down, the most sought-after areas are often very low in inventory and many of the most desired homes receive multiple offers. In fact, I've had listings that have received as many as 12-20 offers in the first 3 days on the market! Typically, these are homes priced under $200,000 -- a price point that is getting harder and harder to find for first-time home buyers.

It's A Great Time To Move Up Into A Bigger, Better Home

Some home buyers who sell these lower priced homes are finding great opportunities in moving UP into a larger, new or newer home into a different neighborhood and lifestyle. In fact, many builders throughout the market are building "lifestyle

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pearland samIn December 2002, I took the dream vacation of a lifetime to Rio de Janeiro.  We had only just begun construction of our (then) brand new RE/MAX Top Realty building on the Beltway that we moved into in July 2003, but it was time for a vacation.  I had an 18th floor ocean front hotel room with a giant balcony overlooking the Copacabana Beach, just a stone's throw from Ipanema.  (And yes, of course, I constantly sang:  "young and tan and dark and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking and when she passes -- each time she passes goes ahhhhhh . . . . ")  

The people were gorgeous . . . the beaches were gorgeous . . . everyone in town spends their weekends in minimal bikinis regardless of whether they're on the beach or in the shopping malls or in the

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why remaxI started my first real estate company on September 1, 1978 and it was called, "Sam Ferreri Co., Realtors."  In 1981, I bought an ERA Real Estate franchise and became known as (you guessed it) "ERA Sam Ferreri Co., Realtors."  It seems that most real estate companies in those days were tied to one broker and the sales people were all "branches" off the big "tree."  This model has morphed into several variations, but, interestingly, there is an example of this old-timey model in existence today located in Friendswood and, as rumor has it, with a plan to branch out into Pearland.  This type of model, however, is limited in technology, training, agent development and large growth potential due to the limitations on a working/managing broker/personality.  

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You heard right!  RE/MAX Top Realty is in the beginning of its new expansion plan . . . and we're about to open our new Storefront Location on Pearland Parkway, right next door to Starbucks!  RE/MAX Top Realty Pearland

"This Starbucks location is the #1 Drive-Thru in the entire Greater Houston - Pearland market for the chain," says Timothy Hampson, Director of Staffing and Expansion, "and opportunities are endless for building new relationships with buyers, sellers, and real estate agents desiring a high-traffic, highly visible location with which to be associated."  

Although the permitting process took much longer than expected, it shouldn't be such a surprise based on the huge volume of new construction in the Greater Houston - Pearland markets.  The city permit offices

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I was reading some newspaper accounts that raised this question over the weekend:  are entry-level or first-time homes gone forever?

The answer is actually, "not gone, but in high demand."  With the (temporary) oil price decline, Houston has also seen a decline in demand of luxury-priced homes.  That is not to say that they are not selling . . . oh no . . . far from the truth!  However, the rate at which they are selling has slowed down a bit.affordable homes

On the other hand, entry-level home demand is huge, and supply is far less than demand.  Thus, multiple-offer scenarios are common in some neighborhoods, but not in all of them!  So, there is still some locational "highs" and "lows" even in lower-priced homes.  

Traveling through the builder communities, it

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