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2902 Wickwood, Silverlake Fine Home, Pearland real estate

Finding a huge backyard with pool and balcony, ideal to "house hag"

If you were shopping for a home in Houston, one like this would run close to a million dollars!  So why not get a million dollar home for less than half of that amount?  That's what working with a Great Real Estate Team can do for you!  But this home was one of the last built in Springbrook at Silverlake, in a location so convenient to Houston via Highway 288 and Beltway 8.  So, come check it out!  

So, as a blogger, why would I write a blog post about a house for sale?  I mean, there are websites where "house hagging" can occur by anyone 24/7.  ("House Hagging" you wonder?  My wife and I developed that term many years ago when we used to flip houses . . . and when we used to be

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Pearland Realtor, Pearland real estate agent, Pearland homes for sale

In 1975, whilst still in High School, other kids were playing football, baseball, basketball and other sports.  However, I was not one of those "cool kids."  Rather, I had an IBM Selectric typewriter and could type 100 words per minute.  I know you're in awe of that, because I was some kind of "special."  Others were winning archery contests, and I placed 7th in the State of Texas typing contest.  Yes, I was a competitor, but not like most.  (They don't even teach typing any more . . . )

Oh well, I typed others' term papers for them for $$$MONEY!!  (And made lots of it . . . the only time I, too, was a "cool kid!"  lol)  

Nonetheless, as the nerdy fat kid, my mother focused on my future and insisted that I get a real estate license, which, at

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Who really wants to read them?  For years, I've written a regular blog about real estate, my life, my experiences, and more . . . all designed for informational purposes OR/AND entertainment.  But for some reason, I've stopped and haven't written a blog in quite some time.  So my question is, "should I resume blogging?"  Will anyone be interested in reading them?  Would you Take the Time?  

I mean, after all, who is this guy in the blue suit?  And why would anyone want to read his blogs?  

  I thought about that quite a bit, and realized that maybe I DO have something to offer, such as:  

    *43 years in the real estate business -- how has it changed?

    *Is real estate a good investment?  

    *Should I "flip" houses?  (Seems like

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