3 Selling Myths (& The Truth Behind Them!)

Posted by Sam Ferreri on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 at 3:12pm

Selling your home can be very stressful for you and your family. Every time you leave the house you have to make it as clean and tidy as possible to ensure it is pleasing to the buyer. This might be novel for the first week or two, but if the property sits on the market for a while then it gets old very fast. This is why it is important to take a look at some of the common misconceptions floating around on the internet these days. The Sam Team gathered up a few myths that we commonly hear and decided to inject some truth into them!

Myth #1: The best way to sell your home is a sign in the lawn and an open house!

Regardless of what worked for your friends and family so many years ago, according to statistics the majority of buyers begin their home search online. So, if your real estate agent tells you otherwise then you need to walk away very quickly! Marketing a home needs to include a strong online presence. This includes professional photographs and a very clear description of the property itself. It should also make mention of the community and the surrounding area/activities.

This is not to say that the marketing for your home does not include a lawn sign and an open house. These can be very useful marketing options for your home. The property market itself will dictate the other types of marketing that are required. If the market is hot, houses turn over very quickly. The need for an open house might not be required. In a slower market an open house might be a great way to create buzz in the neighborhood and get people interested in your home.

The Sam Team spends a lot of time and energy to ensure that your listing is appealing to buyers. We have been selling real estate for many years and have good instincts when it comes to listing homes for our clients.

Myth #2: Pricing high will result in a higher price

Unfortunately, this rarely is the case. For the most part, buyers are online shopping around for homes within a certain price range. If you price the home too far out of range, then you will be missing some keen buyers that are not viewing your home. It is important to talk to your REALTOR® and view the comparables in the area. The Sam Team spends a lot of time preparing this information for you. We make sure that you understand the value of your home, as it stands in the current market. We take into account that you might have newly renovated rooms, a larger lot, or maybe even a three-car garage. A good real estate agent takes the time to assess your individual home and find its fit in the market.

Another issue with pricing your home too high is that it gets stale on the market. This signifies to the buyer that there might be something wrong with the home, or that it is meant for a specific taste. Either way, you will lose buyers if the listing sits for a longer period of time. Buyers searching for a new home will pass over older listing believing they have already seen everything available to them. They wait for the new listing to pop up and spend time reviewing these listings. Studies have shown that the longer the house sits on the market the less you will get for the home in the long run. Meaning, if you price your home a bit lower in the beginning you will sell much faster. As well, the price will be higher than if you list too high originally!

Myth #3: It doesn’t matter who you hire, the house will sell itself.

This is complete a myth! In a hot housing market houses will definitely sell, but will they sell for the best price? If you don’t hire an experienced agent that is working to get you the best price possible, then you will actually be losing money on your home! The Sam Team believe that the seller needs to feel that, no matter the market, they are getting the best price. We expend a lot of resources understanding the market and valuing perspective homes.

In a slower market using a real estate agent is also crucial to selling quicker and for the most money. The staging of the home becomes a key factor in marketing your home correctly. Some quick tips to keep in mind when selling your home:

  • Keep the home clean and tidy
  • Change the paint color – if outdated
  • Rearrange the furniture for a more modern layout
  • Keep up with the basic Landscaping

We have been selling homes for many years and will be able to help you decide what marketing strategy gives you the best return on your investment. There are many more myths out there, but if you have questions please contact The Sam Team to get an honest perspective on the current market!

Want to learn more crucial tips for Pearland sellers? Connect with the Pearland selling experts at The Sam Team today!

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