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How technology is changing real estate

Back in the 1990's, when I first moved my real estate career to Pearland, Texas, I created a "photologo" where I labeled myself "The Future of Real Estate." Of course, I weighed 401 pounds back then and my hair was black, but that's another story altogether! Now, 20 years later, I find myself in that future and leading a Top RE/MAX Real Estate firm into the growth pattern of that future! Yes, I am living the future today!

And so are you. As Billy Joel put it so many years ago, "these may not be the best of times, but they're the only times I'll ever know." So if that's the case, why not make it our personal best? We can! And we do!

How Technology Has Changed The Pearland Real Estate Industry

So what does the future look like today? Well, 20

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Yesterday, God called one of his tireless servants home to be with Him, a man who served others with calm, grace, and utmost respect.  Harold was a man who led a fine home with a wife of over 50 years, Mrs. Patricia Macumber, together with their four beautiful and gracious daughters.  Harold and Patricia spent the last couple of years in Little Rock with his daughter Elizabeth as he struggled with dementia and Parkinson's disease.  He is at peace at last in God's home.

Harold Macumber Family

I woke up this morning counting the many blessings I've had -- one of which is surely to have known this gentle giant of a man.  He was known to many of us in the real estate business as "Harold the Handyman" who worked under the d/b/a of "Macumber Turn-Key Services."  But did you

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Flipping homes in Pearland, TX

Wow, these TV "reality" shows about real estate are amazing to me! You can watch as eager Californians "flip" houses, "list or dump" houses, and much much more! My favorites are the ones where they overspend on the renovations and sell at a huge loss and go, "oh well! hahaha . . . we'll know better next time!"

Does anyone really believe this is "reality???" If so, maybe in California where prices are so volatile and a couple of hundred thousand dollars is insignificant. But that ain't how it is in Houston, Pearland and Manvel! On the contrary, a couple of hundred thousand dollars may be the total renovated value of the entire property . . . sometimes much less!

How We Found Success Flipping Houses In Houston

Rachel and I got married in

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RE/MAX Top RealtyThe good news is that the Houston, Pearland, and Manvel real estate markets continue to grow. Despite the oil business and the presidential election follies, jobs remain stable and real estate market activity continues to march forward. Sure there are peaks and valleys along the way, but that is typical of real estate cycles.

RE/MAX Top Realty Team Looking To The Future

RE/MAX Top Realty is preparing today for the future growth and development of these markets. We believe that success tomorrow begins with what we do today. So, we've had our main office in Houston since November 2000, though we are a prevalent real estate marketing company in Pearland and Manvel as well as Houston. We've accomplished this by helping real estate agents all over the

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Can you believe it?  I sometimes can't . . . but I've been tracking and remembering all the wonderful people that I've served over the last 41 years.  And there are some very memorable situations I've encountered since 1975!  The funny thing to me is that when I was so young, I wanted to appear older so that people would believe that I had the capability to guide them through their most important financial decision.  Unfortunately, that wish came true! Now I wish I looked younger, primarily for the same reason!  Funny how life turns on you!  lol

Lots of homes soldI came to Pearland in late 1995 because I was teaching real estate courses part-time at San Jacinto College South (over on Beamer) and had met many wonderful real estate agents as my students -- some of whom I

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How the election will affect Pearland real estate

Just a little over a week ago, 5 police officers in Dallas were ambushed.  The world was horrified.  Today, 3 Baton Rouge officers were ambushed, and we're still horrified, but beginning to see this as routine.  Night clubs, trucks, assault rifles, suicide vests, etc etc etc ad nauseam, it's all horribly routine.  

And so, every four years, the US goes through the ritual of selecting two major candidates to run for president -- one Republican and one Democrat. And I read this morning that something like 78% of Americans are worn out with this year's election hoopla -- the most ever -- but is that due to the poor choices we have or is it complicated by world and local terror events? 

You may be wondering why I rambling on about what you're

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For those of you who read my blogs, you may have noticed that there have been less and less blog entries of late.  In the writer's world, it's called "writer's block," simply defined as a writer's inability to be creative and start writing.  So, as I began research ways to overcome writer's block, I stumbled upon a list of "14 ways to . . . blah blah blah, ad nauseam."  I mean really, there's always a list of 14 ways to do anything . . . .  But as I read through the list, I found that I do 13 out of the 14 already!  So could the answer be in the 14th?  

So as I've pondered profusely over this dilemma, weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious forgotten entries on google, I began to nod out, nearly napping!  But then, suddenly, there came a

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The Fourth of July ended with a big Bang!  That was evidenced by the sounds of all the fireworks exploding in my Pearland Area Neighborhood here last night.  Yes, even here inside the city limits in the Lakes of Edgewater Estates, fireworks were ablaze with ear-popping blasts . . . so much so that Honey, my tiny toy poodle, was running amuck!  

For me, it symbolizes the beginning of the Hot Summer Real Estate Market.  Every year for the 41 years I've been tracking, the summer market starts about the Fourth of July and runs through the back-to-school rush.  Time to get situated in your new home -- or sell your old one -- to get ready for the upcoming school year.  So, if you too are ready, give The Sam Team a call today at 832-200-5656 . . . we'll

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Buy your dream home this summerToday is June 6...and no doubt you know at least one young teen who graduated high school recently or some twenty-something who finished some level of college. Yes, it's graduation time. And just as May flowers follow April showers, vacation time follows graduation time. June has always been a popular vacation month...the kids are out of school, everyone's ready for some much-needed R&R. June is usually a good time for Realtors to take a vacation, too.

It's Not Your Average Summer In Pearland & Houston

The end of May marks the end of the Spring market...lulled by the hazy, lazy, crazy days of June (to misquote Nat King Cole)...followed by the kick-off of the Summer Market which usually starts with a "bang" on the 4th of July.But, it's an

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how the election will affect real estate in houstonThis is one crazy election year! Clearly it is going to be a race-to-the-finish between two highly-disliked candidates. I've been studying elections and their effect on housing since Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, the year I graduated high school and my first time to vote. (Remember, I got my real estate license in 1975 when I was 17 years old and was an active real estate agent from then through now!)

But I can't recall such discord in the country -- even inside each party! Why is everyone so angry and dissatisfied? Is it low incomes that don't seem to be rising? Is it the cost of living which is definitely rising? Is it the loss of the middle class coupled with the growth of the wealthy and the poor? Is it immigration? Is it terrorism -- internal

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