After Christmas Ham Leftovers . . . what to do?

Posted by Sam Ferreri on Monday, December 26th, 2016 at 2:23pm

Ah, leftover ham . . .

Looks amazing, doesn't it?  I bet you have one of these in your refrigerator right now too, n'est-ce pas?  Yes, that's what's left from the Christmas day spiral-sliced ham . . . .

So what to do with it?  In my standard "love-to-cook-and-create-on-my-day-off" mode, I got up and made myself a delicious ham and fat-free cheese egg-white omelette with 2 slices of Sara Lee "Delightful" toast . . . mmmmm . . . a whoppingly [sic] good breakfast and only 5 Weight Watchers points!  

Great start!  But now, lunch and dinner await . . . so what's next?  So it dawned on me . . . how about a "mess" of mustard greens?  After all the Christmas sweets, off-the-diet tamales, potatoes, noodles, roast beef (no turkey this year, for some reason . . . ok, I know, I'm the only one who likes turkey, but I digress), it's time for some healthy greens!  


I love mustard greens . . . (don't you?)

mustard greens

And what better seasoning than leftover ham?  (OK, salt pork or bacon is better, but nowhere near as healthy!)  And with that leftover ham, how about some leftover pico-de-gallo from one of the Christmas parties I went to (catered by Pappacito's who always have H-U-G-E portions)?  Yes, that's it, I'll kill two birds with one stone:  leftover ham and leftover pico-de-gallo to start my mustard greens!  Eureka . . . I'm on it!  


And inevitably . . . the casserole for dinner . . . 

So, of course, the main ingredient is . . . you guessed it . . . leftover ham!  And what better to please the palate of my "old-man" taste than a casserole!  But alas, it must be Weight Watcher friendly (at least).  So, I put my thinking cap on, and came up with these ingredients (in addition to the leftover ham):  Kroger reduced calorie penne pasta (thank God for this), mixed vegetables, fat-free cream of mushroom soup (everything is better with cream of mushroom . . . yes, everything), fat-free cheese -- both Monterrey Jack and Sharp Cheddar) (and yes, everything's better with lots of cheese, too, especially casseroles), leftover salsa from the previously mentioned Pappacito's Christmas Party, some leftover jasmine rice and corn that just happened to be in the refrigerator, and a little bit of garlic.  

I mixed it all into a Tupperware casserole dish and threw it in the oven on 325 for 45 minutes.  Actually, it "dinged" while I was writing this blog, so I got the opportunity to take a photo of it to show you . . . ready?

leftover ham casseroleWhaddya think?  (You can see I couldn't resist taking a little taste out of the lower right corner before I took the pic, like a dummy . . . but oh well, you probably would have too!  ;)

YUM!  It is actually quite tasty!  As are the greens . . . and now I've worked up an appetite . . . so I'm about to enjoy this treat with a small glass of pinot grigio . . . dinner is served!

And so, I've mastered the art of the leftover ham . . . for one day, maybe two.  I guess sandwiches are in order, after all, I received a NUWAVE air-fryer for Christmas from my kids and there's a wonderful recipe for "grilled" ham and cheese sandwiches included (sounds like breakfast to me!).  

But there's still a huge quantity of ham left.  White beans and spaghetti sauce are next, I guess.  But believe it or not, I received THREE hams for Christmas!  I've got two more spiral sliced hams sitting in various freezers!  

Anybody got any green eggs for my ham?  

Happy New Year!  Love, Sam-I-Am

more ham

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