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<p>Sam Ferreri is a native Houstonian who moved to Pearland with the building of Highway 288 (the road from Houston to Pearland) and the extension of FM 518 (a/k/a Broadway), the main east-west artery that connected "original" Pearland to 288. &nbsp;He moved here because of the highly acclaimed school district in Pearland when his daughter, Katie, was in the 4th grade. &nbsp;He built the Number One real estate team serving the growing Pearland market first as the Pearland Sam Team, now known as "The Sam Team," as they serve the Houston, Pearland, and fast-growing markets farther south down 288 including Alvin, Manvel, Rosharon, etc. . . . all the way to the coast! &nbsp;Brazoria County is the largest county in Texas, and The Sam Team markets them all! &nbsp;In 2000, Sam opened RE/MAX Top Realty, now recognized as the largest RE/MAX office in Houston of which&nbsp;his daughter, Katie, is now the President and Designated Broker. &nbsp;Over the years, The Sam Team has served nearly 9,000 buyers and sellers, and Sam has personally mentored many of the Top Producing Realtors in the marketplace. &nbsp;With all these years of experience, you can gain some valuable insights into real estate buying, selling, and investing right here in these blog posts. &nbsp;We hope you'll share them with your friends, and visit and comment often!</p>

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2902 Wickwood, Silverlake Fine Home, Pearland real estate

Finding a huge backyard with pool and balcony, ideal to "house hag"

If you were shopping for a home in Houston, one like this would run close to a million dollars!  So why not get a million dollar home for less than half of that amount?  That's what working with a Great Real Estate Team can do for you!  But this home was one of the last built in Springbrook at Silverlake, in a location so convenient to Houston via Highway 288 and Beltway 8.  So, come check it out!  

So, as a blogger, why would I write a blog post about a house for sale?  I mean, there are websites where "house hagging" can occur by anyone 24/7.  ("House Hagging" you wonder?  My wife and I developed that term many years ago when we used to flip houses . . . and when we used to be

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Pearland Realtor, Pearland real estate agent, Pearland homes for sale

In 1975, whilst still in High School, other kids were playing football, baseball, basketball and other sports.  However, I was not one of those "cool kids."  Rather, I had an IBM Selectric typewriter and could type 100 words per minute.  I know you're in awe of that, because I was some kind of "special."  Others were winning archery contests, and I placed 7th in the State of Texas typing contest.  Yes, I was a competitor, but not like most.  (They don't even teach typing any more . . . )

Oh well, I typed others' term papers for them for $$$MONEY!!  (And made lots of it . . . the only time I, too, was a "cool kid!"  lol)  

Nonetheless, as the nerdy fat kid, my mother focused on my future and insisted that I get a real estate license, which, at

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Who really wants to read them?  For years, I've written a regular blog about real estate, my life, my experiences, and more . . . all designed for informational purposes OR/AND entertainment.  But for some reason, I've stopped and haven't written a blog in quite some time.  So my question is, "should I resume blogging?"  Will anyone be interested in reading them?  Would you Take the Time?  

I mean, after all, who is this guy in the blue suit?  And why would anyone want to read his blogs?  

  I thought about that quite a bit, and realized that maybe I DO have something to offer, such as:  

    *43 years in the real estate business -- how has it changed?

    *Is real estate a good investment?  

    *Should I "flip" houses?  (Seems like

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Avalon Terrace Homes For Sale

Avalon Terrace is a boutique community offering brand new homes with luxurious features at affordable pricing. This family-oriented community offers playgrounds and a private community swimming pool for the family to enjoy year-round. The location is ideal if you are looking for links to the Sam Houston Tollway and Highway 288. You will be able to live in a tranquil, upscale community, and be within 20 minutes of downtown Houston for work.

Browse Homes For Sale In Avalon Terrace

Avalon Terrace Real Estate, Pearland TX

These homes offer homebuyers a wide variety of unique designs and layouts to choose from. Most of the homes start with 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom options. They come in floor plans starting

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Selling your home can be very stressful for you and your family. Every time you leave the house you have to make it as clean and tidy as possible to ensure it is pleasing to the buyer. This might be novel for the first week or two, but if the property sits on the market for a while then it gets old very fast. This is why it is important to take a look at some of the common misconceptions floating around on the internet these days. The Sam Team gathered up a few myths that we commonly hear and decided to inject some truth into them!

Myth #1: The best way to sell your home is a sign in the lawn and an open house!

Regardless of what worked for your friends and family so many years ago, according to statistics the majority of buyers begin their home

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What young homebuyers want in pearland homes

As more and more young home buyers enter the real estate market in Pearland, it's clear that this demographic has its own set of unique preferences. Each generation has defining characteristics when they start buying homes, and knowing these is key to broadening your market as a seller. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you want to make sure that it appeals to the widest range of buyers, and understanding what young home buyers are looking for is essential to maximizing your audience. Likewise, if you're a young home buyer yourself, it helps to know what others in your age range are adding to their must-have lists and the reasoning behind these preferences.

There have been plenty of misconceptions about young buyers, particularly

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How Improving Parks could Increase home values

You've likely heard about the massive benefits that green space can have on your health and well-being. City life can be stressful, and few things can help relieve day-to-day stresses better than spending some leisure time outdoors or playing your favorite sport. In addition, it has been shown that green spaces help purify the air, keep cities cooler in hot weather, and positively influence the health of children. But did you know that it can also improve home values? Having nearby parks, trails, and sports facilities is becoming more and more desirable for Texas homeowners, and this demand can be seen in Pearland and Friendswood's exciting new development initiatives.

Strategic Spending

Pearland will dedicate almost $17 million dollars to the

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should you sell or rent your pearland home

Here at The Sam Team, we're often approached by homeowners wondering whether they should sell their current home or consider renting it out. Many owners think one option is naturally more profitable than the other; however, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Selling real estate is a personal journey and it varies for everyone. There is no right or wrong answer to many questions about properties — they need to be addressed case-by-case. That being said, once you have an overall understanding of the pros and cons of selling or renting out your house, you can decide what is best for you. There are benefits to both routes, but it's simply a matter of discovering which option suits your unique situation.

Let's Look at Numbers

This may not be the

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Simple repairs to help sell your Pearland home faster!

Are you thinking about selling a home in Houston, Manvel, or Pearland? If you are, there are a few things you can do to give your home an edge in these competitive markets. There is a wealth of home upgrades that add value to your home without costing you a fortune. Of course, you have the option to sell your home "as-is", but if you're feeling ambitious and wanting to get the best possible price for your property, consider bringing your house to the next level. These simple upgrades can not only impact the price your property sells for, they can also help your home sell faster. This is especially important since homes that sit on the market too long can lose buyer interest. If your budget is limited, worry not — there are profitable home improvements

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6 common home seller mistakes

Being a home seller can be a daunting experience, but it can also be a rewarding one if you plan accordingly. Everyone makes mistakes and during a time in your life when you're likely juggling various responsibilities, planning a move, and keeping track of a number of financial matters, its easy to overlook certain things.

Sellers have a lot on their minds and pressure to sell quickly can sometimes overshadow the importance of taking several key steps. From home seller's fatigue and burnout to an unwillingness to settle, there are a number of factors that can serve as roadblocks to a smooth and simple property sale. But don't fret; we're here to make sure that doesn't happen for you. That's why we've put together this list of 6 common selling

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