5 Things You Should & Shouldn't Do When Updating Your Pearland Home

Posted by Sam Ferreri on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 at 4:16pm

Home upgrades in Pearland

Home Renovations That Pay Off In Pearland, TX

Thinking of doing some updating or renovating? There are a lot of updates that you can make that will enhance the livability of your Pearland home, and I've seen the best and worst of them! Some add market value, some add intrinsic value (or livability), and some detract from the overall value of the home. So what to do? What not to do? Here's a list of the five most important considerations for you to think about from a 41-year Realtor and Appraiser's perspective.

Home Improvements That Could Increase Value In 2016


If I were counseling you 40 years ago, I'd be saying "put French screens on your front windows" to get yours sold in record time! About 30 years ago, it was "add French doors everywhere!" "And don't forget the butcher block countertops!" 15 years ago, it was "go ahead and spend the extra bucks for those Corian countertops." And now, it's "yes, get Granite or Quartz" in the kitchen and all bathrooms. Yes, it's that important! (Did I practice what I preach when I updated my kitchen? NO! I updated the Formica countertops with "granite-look" laminate . . . but I'm not selling. And I like Formica!) But if I were selling, I'd add granite before I go on the market.


And get a solid glass shower door. Yes, it costs more, but it's what buyers demand in today's real estate market. I so wish I would spend the money and take out that ugly whirlpool tub and tiny shower and make a giant, walk-in shower with a bench. Oh well, that's what I'd do if I were going to sell my home in Pearland today!


I hate to drive by a house that has green stuff on the trim. Ewk! It doesn't cost much to get it painted, and there are some wonderful local painters who are good, trustworthy, and quick. Get 'er done! Color choices should be made with professional assistance. Need some help? The Sam Team has a "stage 'n shoot" crew whose job is to keep up with the current trends and paint accordingly. Give us a call . . . currently the trend is darker warmer colors. But I can remember when the trend in Pearland house colors was "beige and creme." And even stark white! The difference can be significant. Avoid the reds and purples and (especially) blues and greens. My mother (who was a Realtor from 1961 until her death in 1988) always said, "even an old barn looks better with a coat of paint!" (However, I think she was referring to women wearing makeup, but that's another story!)


Think to yourself, what impression does someone get when they drive up to your home? It's been said that when you meet someone for the first time, you size them up in 15 seconds and decide internally -- maybe subconsciously -- whether or not you like them. The same can be said for your home. Is the yard tidy? What about the landscaping? Is it healthy? Is it colorful? Is there fresh mulch? Even if you can't afford to do any major upgrades, there are number of little tricks that you can do to enhance curb appeal on a budget.

Upgrades You Shouldn't Do


Yes, I know . . . you could use the extra space. And so what if your new car sits in the driveway? From an appraiser's perspective, the enclosed garage is more hurtful than helpful. In periods of strong demand and low inventory, the enclosed garage typically has no effect on the market value or saleability, but when the inventory builds up, homes with enclosed garages are the last to sell . . . and typically at a lower price. So think that out carefully before proceeding.

Pearland SamFor more help, call me at 832-200-5656 or send me a message online. I'd love to help you update, renovate, stay put, or sell and relocate, whether moving up or downsizing. You owe it to yourself to put Pearland Sam and The Sam Team to work for you!.

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