Posted by Sam Ferreri on Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at 10:36am

2902 Wickwood, Silverlake Fine Home, Pearland real estate

Finding a huge backyard with pool and balcony, ideal to "house hag"

If you were shopping for a home in Houston, one like this would run close to a million dollars!  So why not get a million dollar home for less than half of that amount?  That's what working with a Great Real Estate Team can do for you!  But this home was one of the last built in Springbrook at Silverlake, in a location so convenient to Houston via Highway 288 and Beltway 8.  So, come check it out!  

So, as a blogger, why would I write a blog post about a house for sale?  I mean, there are websites where "house hagging" can occur by anyone 24/7.  ("House Hagging" you wonder?  My wife and I developed that term many years ago when we used to flip houses . . . and when we used to be married, but I digress sometimes.  Nonetheless, every time we'd get a house under contract, we'd go over to it 2-3 times per day . . . walk around . . . sit inside or outside to absorb the "feel" of the house . . . and decided that we'd become "house hags."  Now you know.  lol)  So . . . have YOU ever been a house hag?  

Also, as a 43+ year Realtor (and now a National Association of Realtors' "REALTOR EMERITUS," -- I just had to throw that in one more time, as I was just designated by them with this status even though I'm not dead nor retired -- I love buyers who are "House Hags!"  So, for all you House Hags out there, find your dream home at our website, where you can house hag ALL THE LISTINGS IN THE HOUSTON/PEARLAND/MANVEL area 24/7, with the fastest server around!  And speaking of fast service . . . ahem . . . we provide fast, speedy, terrific buyer and/or seller representation for you and all your friends and family.  So . . . need a great agent?  We've got 'em right here . . . emeritus!  

So check out Silverlake and many other fine neighborhoods on our House Hag site . . . and give us a call or email.  We'd love to guide your hag habit!  

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